An automatic door must know when to open and, more importantly, when to close again in the event of an accidental impact. In such cases, it is essential to have automatically-operated doors, which can automatically and quickly restore the door’s correct position, resetting the normal operation of the leaves.

Ideal for shopping centres, banks, airports and any place that is highly frequented by the public.

Automatically safe

When a door with special safety features is needed, attention must be focused on an automatically-operated entrance. In such cases, the FAAC GBF3500 solution is perfect, fitted with automatically-operated mobile and semi-fixed leaves. If a shopping trolley or a suitcase accidentally bumps into leaves, they automatically return to their original position without interrupting the system’s functionality.

Fitted with the oversized profile, it is also ideal as an escape route.

Indispensable and independent.

The automatically-operated door is useful, functional and always safe. It becomes indispensable when personnel are not always on site to restore the functions manually, such as in ATMs during night service or in large areas such as supermarkets. In such cases, the breakout of the leaves would cause the automatic door to stop functioning, thereby preventing its protection and safety functions.


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