SLHP LR System

Number of channels



868,35 or 433,92 MHz

  • Use frequency 868.35 MHz or 433,92 MHz
  • Type of code: SLHP LR technology (FAAC Patent)
  • The SLHP LR System The SLHP system comes from SLH LR (FAAC-Patent) technology and was born for the realization of highly professional installations where it is required to program the remote controls and memory cards with codes using dedicated programming unit and / or through PC software. This also allows the creation of archives to PC codes on each plant built, consequently facilitating the management of the system (adding remote radio codes).
  • A SLHP installation will therefore be composed of: 1 multichannel receiver (433MHz or 868MHz) + DECODER SLHP a number equal to the number of users to control.
  • The transmitters are the same XT SLH LR listed at page 868_SYSTEM_SLH_LR_Product_Name and page 433_SYSTEM_SLH_LR_Product_Name (Depending on the chosen frequency 433MHz or 868MHz)



Item code

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PLUS1 868 MHz

PLUS1 868 receiver

Multi-channel receiver with integrated dipole antenna



PLUS1 433 MHz

PLUS1 433 receiver

Multi-channel receiver with integrated dipole antenna



Mex SLH – Additionaly memory 1000 codes for DECODER SLHP


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