Just one motion.

Simplicity and ease of use, on the one hand, and quality and safety, on the other, make FAAC automation systems the most versatile and reliable choice in any situation. At home, as well as in the office, indoors or outdoors, there is always a FAAC solution to let in and keep out whoever you want and whenever you want, with just one motion.

There is a system for everything.

In addition to the traditional sliding or swing gate, FAAC automation systems allow all kinds of actuation and pedestrian and vehicle access: up and over doors for garages, industrial doors and automatic barriers with innovative systems, which can offer solutions for every requirement.

Always interact with everyone, without exception.

The ability to communicate is essential: all FAAC systems fit perfectly in any environment and always guarantee maximum integration within existing automation systems.

Safety is always in motion.

Safe movement depends on technology or accessories that protect and guarantee operation. The absolute SAFEcoder encoder, for example, allows the automation set up to be compliant with current regulations concerning 230V swing gates without additional devices having to be added. The XS55 safety edges are a certified device that can be used on any type of system and guarantee prompt action when the automation needs to be blocked instantly.

Other auxiliary devices, such as the new adjustable XP 20 D photocells, offer greater ease of installation in the passage and allow greater control of automation safety.