All large sized entrances, normally found in warehouses, loading and unloading points for goods and similar areas, requiring large passages which are practical to open and close, are defined as industrial doors.

This type of opening slides vertically or laterally, or winds. Both can be fitted with hydraulic or electromechanical automation.

The latter is particularly reliable and quiet and features considerable force, especially when great power and high resistance are required.

Do you need a particularly heavy passageway to open and close continuously?

You can rely on the 541 model, which can be installed on the wall next to the door: it’s perfect for moving particularly heavy sectional doors that are subject to intense work cycles.
To make sure it opens even in the case of a power cut, it is fitted with a cord or pulley manual release.

Do you have a workshop with a large door and small interior spaces with frequent transit?

When the openings are so large, they require folding solutions, featuring doors that are hinged to each other.
They open by folding back on one or both sides of the door, as required, ensuring minimal space is taken up. The ideal model to move them is the 560.
If your door is smaller and lighter, as often happens in residential garages, the ideal model for you is the 390.

More solutions, less consumption.

Automation for folding industrial doors monitors all issues, without neglecting environmental aspects and providing electronics that can minimise consumption.
With GREENtech technology, FAAC identifies the automation systems that combine the latest generation electronic boards and devices that allow energy consumption to be reduced.


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